Hulk Transforming Tank (2012)

Avenger’s Hulk Tank

Sure enough – the Avengers had a whole heck of a lot of figures – most were sub-par though.  It’s funny too, the movie was the biggest money maker of the year and they didn’t bother putting the same effort into the figures as they do in their regular lines like Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends.  It’s too bad that they wasted time making less articulated, less detailed toys as these could have been a HUGE hit for collectors everywhere.  Instead they will go down as just okay figures from a great movie.

Look! Hulk drive with no hands!

It took me a while to decide whether to pick up this particular toy as it’s a cool little tank that the upper half of the Hulk pops out of.  So, basically, we find out the Hulk is driving.  It’s like a gorilla squeezed into a smart car – while it may be funny to watch – what is the point?

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