Daily Archives: September 25, 2012

Marvel Super Heroes Adventures Hulk with Smash Mobile (2012)

Smash Mobile?!?!? I want a real one!

More Hulk from this line of Marvel figures.  I do enjoy this series of figures – if not for anything other than the vehicles they come with.  I’ve spoken many times about the idea of the Hulk driving – so I won’t bother getting into again – but I will call shenanigans on the fact that the Hulk is wearing a life jacket.  First off – no life jacket could hold the Hulk up!  Secondly, the Hulk can just grow gills underwater!  Thirdly, if he’s wearing it as a fashion style – then he’s about 27 years too late as Marty McFly already made that look hip.

Are you on shore leave?