Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

Which One Did You Get?

I don’t own a 3D player… or TV… but it doesn’t matter!

Yes, this is the week the Avengers came pouring into the stores – and there were a TON of special packs – each store vying for your business by offering up extra goodies with your purchase of the movie everyone knew you were going to buy! I know Best Buy was offering a ridiculous, humongous, “ultimate” package with lithographs, productions cells, worthless gift cards… and I think they included the movie in there as well.  For all that crap you had to empty your wallet of $70. Wal*Mart and Target had a better grasp on what collectors were really seeking – Wal*Mart had a exclusive trade – while Target offered an extra disc with 90 minutes of awesome-ness!

Since I don’t like Wal*Mart’s business practice it was pretty easy for me to choose where I was going to pick up my copy.  The thing is… Target made a huge boo-boo.  They had the movie on regular DVD – they had the Blu-Ray+DVD version with the extra disc – and then they had the 3D Blu-Ray+Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital copy+Music Download+Extra Disc!  The 3D pack was supposed to be $25 – but a printing error in their flyer marked it the same price as their regular Blu-Ray for $20!  Who, when faced with this choice, would pick the regular Blu-Ray set?  Anyways, which set did you end up picking up?