Which One Did You Get?

I don’t own a 3D player… or TV… but it doesn’t matter!

Yes, this is the week the Avengers came pouring into the stores – and there were a TON of special packs – each store vying for your business by offering up extra goodies with your purchase of the movie everyone knew you were going to buy! I know Best Buy was offering a ridiculous, humongous, “ultimate” package with lithographs, productions cells, worthless gift cards… and I think they included the movie in there as well.  For all that crap you had to empty your wallet of $70. Wal*Mart and Target had a better grasp on what collectors were really seeking – Wal*Mart had a exclusive trade – while Target offered an extra disc with 90 minutes of awesome-ness!

Since I don’t like Wal*Mart’s business practice it was pretty easy for me to choose where I was going to pick up my copy.  The thing is… Target made a huge boo-boo.  They had the movie on regular DVD – they had the Blu-Ray+DVD version with the extra disc – and then they had the 3D Blu-Ray+Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital copy+Music Download+Extra Disc!  The 3D pack was supposed to be $25 – but a printing error in their flyer marked it the same price as their regular Blu-Ray for $20!  Who, when faced with this choice, would pick the regular Blu-Ray set?  Anyways, which set did you end up picking up?

14 responses to “Which One Did You Get?

  1. I got the Walmart movie with trade and it has some cool Hulk action (Hulk grey and green vs Thor, Hulk vs Avengers and Hulk vs Ironman). By the way if I may ask why do you dislike Walmart so much?

    • I am just not a fan of the way they conduct themselves – in fact if you want to know why you should watch this:


      • I checked out the vid and yeah no surprise that Walmart is shady, but then again just about every company is these days in the name of profit. Thanks for the heads up on Walmart. By the way that Avengers trade has Peter David as writer and Andrea Divito as one of the artist ( I loved his WWH vs X-men ).

      • Ugh… you are making me almost regret my decision to buy it from Target! I love me some PD writing!

  2. I ended up buying the movie from target because I wanted the bonus disc. It was really cool watching how marvel studios started out with the idea and then seeing how they put it all together. I’m definitely looking forward to the avengers 2.

  3. Once I heard that the graphic novel included was actually, The Avengers: Season One, of Marvel’s Season One series, I had to get the Walmart one. It’s actually really good. Not to mention, I LOVE that it has a time snatched grey Hulk from the night of his birth! You should try to snatch a copy of it off ebay, it’s definitely a million times better than any current Hulk comic, but then again, that’s not saying much. 😛

  4. *sighs* all i got was the regular one disc DVD at target ):

  5. Is the Target bonus disc blu-ray only?

  6. I am surprised being the big collector that you are that you didn’t get them all. I got the Best Buy version….and got the bonus stuff from the other places from friends who bought them there.

  7. Haven’t picked mine up yet but this choice is very hard. I am inclined to go for the trade if I only choose one but I may break down and get both if the 90 minutes is well received and worth it.

  8. Went with the WM to get the trade. I haven’t read it yet but the art looks pretty cool from an initial flip of the pages. Good news on the trade – I heard it was coming out from Marvel so you don’t have to buy the WM set to get it.

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