Hulk Light Switch Cover (2012)

Westland Giftware’s Hulk Light Switch Cover

Holy hell – I do check on things with this site daily – and with 465’s comment I realized I have not updates this site for a good number of days… even worse?  I totally have a ton of new things to show off!  I have some new Marvel Universe figures, a wool hat with Hulk hair, Hulk patches, Hulk card game… seriously a whole slew of new items!  I really have to try to get on top of things!  I am so sorry, guys! I promise to post the rest of this week at the very least – in fact, I will try to post something everyday for the rest of this month!  Who knows?  It could happen!

Anyways, there is just a few more things from Westland Giftware – this is a very cool light switch cover – I was planning on replacing the Winne the Pooh one in my daughter’s room with this – but she protested… so it’s part of the Hulk room decor now!


3 responses to “Hulk Light Switch Cover (2012)

  1. I have that same light switch cover and I’m curious if you were actually able to use it. I bought it because it looks cool, but when I tried to put it on, I found out it doesn’t sit flush with the wall and was in fact unusable. I found a guy on ebay that does comic cover light switches and got a really cool Hulk #340 light switch cover I like even better for my man cave instead, but I’m still wondering if I just got a bad one or if that’s how they are all designed.

  2. nice, might think about this for the upcoming conversion to superhero themed bedroom for my son. I have the classic version in the man cave – love that image and old school feel

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