Trilogy turned Quadrilogy! Mighty World of Marvel #196-199

MWOM #196

Sure enough – true to my word – I made it my quest to find someone selling The Mighty World of Marvel #198 (The equivalent to The Incredible Hulk #181) without trying to over charge me.  It’s sort of too bad looking through ebay now. What used to be a site full of bargains – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, after all – is now full of scalpers and flippers who are just out to take advantage of someone.  (Yes, I am looking at you “Stretch King”).

MWOM #197

Sure enough, with a little bit of time, I found a seller that charged a VERY decent price for this black and white reprint… with free shipping 🙂

MWOM #198

So, now I have all 4 parts, with my favorite cover being issue #197, of one of the better written Wendigo stories.  Such a classic Hulk villain corrupted by that hack Loeb… will Wendigo ever be able to live down the embarrassment of his appearance in the truly forgettable Jeph Loeb series?  Hopefully!  Unfortunately, Pak certainly didn’t do much to help things in his swan song – but we do have the re-boot to look forward to!

MWOM #199

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