Disney Exclusive Marvel Figurine Set (2012)

The Whole Set

I keep running into the issue of having been backed up for so long – and having a whole slew of Hulk items to show off that I can’t remember what I posted and what I have not.  I don’t THINK I posted this – but if I did… sorry.  Anyways, this was a Disney Store exclusive.  I am pretty sure they aren’t selling it anymore but I think they are all over ebay – and the Hulk is certainly a decent sculpt.  Worth picking up!  Come on back tomorrow when I post my review of the Hulk #14.

The Best Part of the Whole Set!

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3 thoughts on “Disney Exclusive Marvel Figurine Set (2012)

  1. Fun little piece – I like the sculpt. I picked this set up a while ago. Opened it up, put Hulk on the shelf and eBayed the remainder of the set and actually cleared a profit. Free Hulk!

  2. Thanks – it doesn’t usually work out that way so it was a welcomed result. I picked this up very early so I suspect the bidders weren’t aware of them and jumped on the auction.

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