I’m not going to look – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

Here is a first look at the new Hulk title coming in November!  I want to wait until the book it out to read any of it – I am not into spoilers – but check it out – click on the image above to be brought to the sneak peek!

3 responses to “I’m not going to look – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

  1. Finally! We get some great art and a great artist to take the reins of our Green Goliath! The book has suffered greatly ever since Greg Pak left. His later stories were very good, not great, and way better than anything Jason Aaron has written! I’m glad that it’ll all be over soon!

    Good-bye, Jason Aaron! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out! In fact, in the case I think it would be better if you smashed your head against the door until you learned how to write! LOL! XD

  2. Love your site! Been reading it for a while. First Post!
    Indestructible looks like it may be a long overdue return to form for Hulk. I gave up Aarons TIH after #5. Horrible stuff. Waid has done great things with Daredevil and I reckon he can get Hulk out of the huge hole Aaron dug for him.
    PS: are you on Twitter? @JoelAwesome is me!

  3. The art looks great and I have no doubt the story telling will be better. My problem so far, which is also with my problem with most of Marvel right now, is that he will be an agent of Shield. I think Shield is wayyyyy over used right now. Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon? Spider-Man and friends are all agents of Shield. Avengers movie? Shield. Avengers cartoon? Shield. Appearing in almost all Marvel Comics? Shield. An upcoming Shield show. It goes on and on and on, but you get the idea. I’ve never been a fan of Shield and at this moment they are in everything that Marvel makes. I guess Marvel thinks we need Shield to be able to relate to superheroes? I don’t know. Now, to top it off, the Hulk will be an agent of Shield. Ugh.

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