The Incredible Hulk #14 (2012) – The Review

Incredible(ly Dull) Hulk #14

We have just one issue left to finish Aaron’s Hulk opus – thank goodness – and we are no closer to having a coherent story that makes one lick of sense.  It would be quite amazing if he pulls off a mind-blowing finale that fills every plot hole and answers all questions.  I can pretty much guarantee it won’t happen… but I’ve been wrong before.  I still don’t get how Doom became the big bad here – as he only did what he was asked – he didn’t even offer his service, the Hulk sought him out.  As bad as the story is I don’t think I can offer a great synopsis… instead I’ll offer some of the “great” moments this issue offers:

There is a moment where Victoria Von Doom tortures a Doom-bot – and the robot actually feels fear and “wets” himself.  Isn’t the idea behind having a robot is that all it does is follow its directives without emotion clouding it’s decisions?  Apparently not – Doom, one of the smartest men in the MU, would create robots that could be tortured to give up all his secrets, of course!  Would it not have made more sense for Victoria to say her team has hacked into the Doom-bot’s database or something?

Or the good ole’ Hulk saying:

I will smash you until I’ve smashed the smash right out of the word smash!

I really feel embarrassed reading this series – I can almost see Aaron trying to alienate fans (or comic readers in general) seeing if he can put the most ridiculous plot points into the story and who will keep saying he’s a great writer.  Anyways, Doom has hired a company called Brain Damage Inc. to try and kill the Hulk subconsciously.  Yeah, that will go well… the story gets a grade of: D-

This is a scene from inside of Banner’s head. What exactly are the controls for? And where is the button for vomit?

8 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #14 (2012) – The Review

  1. Hey, I just took a dump.

    And it has more compelling story-telling and less plotholes than Aaron’s entire story run. SMH.

  2. All that rubbish about the controls – ‘I cant steer this thing’ – I couldn’t actually believe what i was reading – does anyone edit this book? if they are, and they are signing this BS off, Marvel needs to act now and fire them and fast, its horrific!

  3. You want to talk about Marvel’s editing?!? Anybody catch the red She Hulk book? I picked up on 3 dialogue mistakes and the art corrections were still written in the margin on page 15. What the hell goes on over there?!?

  4. Good-bye, Jason Aaron! You won’t be missed! That much is certain! Take your garbage and shove it! 🙂

    • I completely agree with you. This was not how the Hulk’s 50th year should have been. With Leob’s work I could rationalize it and say he was writing about another Hulk. This is the original Hulk. How can the editor’s justify giving the title to a writer who lacks a understanding of the character?Understanding,does not mean knowing every bit of trivia but knowing who these people are. This run has gone on for almost fifteen issues. They say sales are not that good but they have kept it going for a year now. Sad.

      • Hey, Zeno! Great to hear from you, dude! I really miss you, Hulk465, and numerous others on! You guys should come pay a visit sometime! It’d be great to have other cool Hulk fans to talk to again.

        Yeah, Hulk deserved better for his 50th Anniversary. Makes me wish that Greg Pak didn’t leave. Personally, I think he was pushed away, which is why his later stories felt rushed. Still, even his later stories from Dark Son to Heart of the Monster were very good. Waaay better than anything of Aaron’s garbage! The editors at Marvel must be drunk in order to let this kind of crap that Jason Aaron gives out to see print form.

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