Hulk AquaBall (2012)

Hulk Aquaball!

I have never been a fan of flavored water  but I saw that they brought out a whole set of Avengers Aquaballs (grape flavored water) and thought I just had to try it!  The art on the little globe is really cool – but as an added bonus I made a video showing that I actually tried it – so click on the image above and watch!


8 responses to “Hulk AquaBall (2012)

  1. Wow, she sounds a lot more excited about the Hulk than her princesses!
    I want my kids to be like that! XD

  2. Cool and cute video god bless your daughter. Just wanted to know where did you get the Hulk aquaball from? I wanted to get it for my son and for his birthday party in December it is going to be Avengers themed. We can give those out to the kids at his party. Take care and thank you.

  3. Hey Ratch! What is that Hulk item behind the water? All I see are green abs!

  4. Always the observant one Fiddy! Good to hear from you! That is the Koto movie Hulk bust – the exclusive one with the movie cans base rather than the marquee. I thought I posted it – but maybe I had not… I will look back into the archives and check.

  5. Ah! Duh! I should have recognized it!

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