Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)

SHS Hulk Hands

I am a big fan of the Superhero Squad show – the run they had was funny, exciting and suitable for children.  One of my favorite parts was how they incorporated all of the villains of each hero.  Abomination was classic!  They made a few costume pieces and one of them was Hulk hands!  The only issue I have is that, because the hands are based on the cartoons, there are only three fingers.

Throw your hands around the world

Three fingers (and one thumb) makes the hands look pretty alien rather than cartoony.  Also, the inside of the hands have no details – just fabric.  Other than that… these are pretty sweet!  The best thing about these though are the exaggerated fingernails and the big sausage fingers!

Hulk Manicure


2 responses to “Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)

  1. Hope these didn’t cost much

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