Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

Exclusive Hulk Bust from Koto

I was sent this a long time ago about a great guy and a former comment maker on this site named Grey.  He enjoyed this site so much and his comments made my posts even better with his addition to this place.  I know he still logs on here from time to time and – at least I think he still does.  Grey used to run a Red Hulk site but he stopped doing that a while ago.  There have been a few Red Hulk sites, some of the creators coming here to become part of this site, but they never seem to last.  Interesting is all…

Sexy Profile!

I might have gotten off topic a bit – but if you’ve been to this site before you know I do that often 🙂  When Koto brought these busts out I knew that they would have a tough time selling.  The sculpts are pretty mediocre compared to the giants of this industry and the exclusive bust was too simple.  I went ahead and picked up the “marquee” version on ebay for VERY cheap but the exclusive version alluded me.

That is… until Grey emailed me one day and said that he had this bust and was looking to send it to someone who would really appreciate it in their collection.  I took him up on the offer – and, as always – thank him graciously for his generous addition to my Hulk room.  I hope, if Grey does in fact still come around here, we hear more from him.  He was a good guy.  This bust, mind you, while it is not the best looking piece, is easily one of my favorite pieces in the Hulk room because of the story behind it.

The Two Kotos Together!

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4 thoughts on “Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

  1. Hey ratch. Glad the bust made you happy. I know it now has a good home. FYI, now that I graduated, moved and am teaching full time, I plan on relaunching a Red site…. Eventually.

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