The Incredible Hulk #15 (2012) – The Review

I need to get the variant… was in Maine this weekend – could not locate one!

Is it over?  Is it really over?  Aaron’s run has ended!  I know there are quite a few fans of Aaron’s – and amazingly I have read and heard an overwhelmingly that even the fans of his have either stopped reading this series or just think Aaron was not well equipped (mythology wise) to tackle such a complex character like the Hulk.  What could have been one of the most talked about series of the year (thanks to the Avengers) was an incoherent and inconsistent read that drained of readers faster than the Red Hulk series once his identity was known.

There are quite a few Hulks in Banner’s brain… weird Doom didn’t mention that…

The final issue wraps up the Aaron story pretty neatly with out really answering anything.  It’s almost like he went to Loeb for advice on how to write the Hulk!  “All you have to do” Jeph would say “is tell the artist to make pretty pictures and your book will sell.”  Aaron, looking panicked, would ask back “What if I don’t have McGuiness drawing my Hulk book?  What if they actually read my stories?”  After a moment of reflective thought Loeb would respond with “You’re screwed.  I’ll see what I can do about getting Ed to draw the final issue cover for you.”

Over at SF, a member named Risingstar made such an excellent point that I asked him to include it here on this site.  He said “”It is very hard to write the Hulk because unlike any other character in any comics universe, the Hulk is in a constant state of evolution. This is a character the writer really needs to know. He isn’t like Cap, Spidey, or Batman who pretty much essentially stay the same regardless who comes on board. This is what makes the Hulk really interesting in that he is perhaps the most complex character ever written where every writer gets to add something new. However, if the writer is a hack or has little knowledge of the lore, he’ll fall flat really fast.”

THE Hulk? As in THE spoon and THE tree?

He makes a great point – because Aaron has written some great runs with characters like Punisher, Wolverine and Ghost Rider – but he really came up against a wall with the Hulk.  This single issue is pretty much everything you’d expect and follows suit with the rest of the series – Grade: F / Series: F

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11 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #15 (2012) – The Review

  1. At least he admits it in the opening of the book this time though….. HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE FECES!!! I thought that was fitting.

  2. Yes! It’s finally over! And I’m certainly glad that it is!

    You know what I can’t seem to understand, though, Ratch? On, there’s a Hulk fan who defends Jason Aaron’s Asunder & United arcs, yet he sometimes bashes work done by Greg Pak. I don’t get it. Then again… he’s stated that Bruce Jones run is his second favorite next to PAD. Confused? I certainly am.

    Peter David, Greg Pak and Bill Mantlo have all one thing in common in regards to me. They’re my top Hulk writers. And while each have sometimes given me stories or issues that I didn’t care for or like, I accept that no writer has a perfect score on their individual run.

    However, the same can’t be said of Jason Aaron, Jeph Loeb and Bruce Jones. Those three couldn’t create a great Hulk storyline to save their lives. What saved Loeb & Jones’ individual runs was the artistic talents onboard. This is another reason, as you pointed out in the review, why Jason Aaron’s run also fell flat at break-neck speed.

    1. PD wrote the title for 12 years – there is going to be a dud here and there – but overall his run was fantastic! Jones’ run started out pretty interesting… but it came apparent pretty quickly (by the fourth or fifth issue) he had no idea who the character of the Hulk was. Loeb was more interested in selling issues with gimmicks than telling a coherent story. This is no more obvious than the abhorrent Fixit story line.

      As far as this guy – what can I say? – some people have bad taste!

  3. I have decided not to read this series so far. I’ve stuck with the Red Hulk series. I think it’s sad that the Red Hulk series get’s no love. Parker and Hardman did a great job with it after Loeb and McGuinness moved on.

    1. I don’t think it’s any disrespect to Parker or Hardman – but instead the way the Red Hulk was forced upon fans and then turned into a hero.

  4. Glad to here this disaster is over, and I can start buying my favorite comic again – I hope Hulk gets has got his hair back too, because the bald Hulk is just horrible.

  5. I am so happy that this run is finally over. Maybe we’ll start seeing some decent Hulk books from Marvel now.

    In that vein, have you seen the new A+X series? The very first issue is a Hulk/Wolverine story drawn by Dale Keown! Unfortunately, it is written by our favorite little screw-up, Loeb, but it’s almost worth it to see Dale on the Hulk again, the man’s a legend!

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