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Gutzy Gear (2012)

Gutzy Gear Patches

Back in grade school I had a jacket with all sorts of patches.  It was my favorite thing ever – I really felt cooler walking around with two dozen patches of 80’s bands sewn on to my back – bands like REO Speedwagon, Chicago and Journey.  I actually inherited this jacket from my brother – but I still loved it.  Until, one day I was coming out of the lunch line and some threw an open container of chocolate milk at me.  The concluded this act of vandalism by yelling the phrase “Journey sucks!”.  Everyone laughed.  I was heartbroken and never wore the jacket again.  I also learned who, in fact, Journey was and realized that they did suck.  That was until I grew up and re-realized just how awesome Journey really is.  All that being said – I doubt I would have had the same issues if I had some sweet Hulk patches on my jacket rather than a slew of easy rock bands.

Big Round Hulk Head