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Really Gentle Giant?!?!? I thought we were over this!

Ewww… WTF?

After the last successful Hulk bust – Gentle Giant is releasing a hideous new bust based on the Avengers movie.  I can honestly say I will not be in line for this one… ever.

A+X #1 (2012) – The Review

A+X 001

Here is something fan boys have been waiting for for a long time!  DALE KEOWN BACK DRAWING A HULK BOOK!  Of course, we are dealing with Marvel… so we get the good with the bad.  The bad is that Jeph Loeb is back to write his way into another “all flash, no substance” story of epic sure to be failures in any coherent way.  But hey!  Dale’s back!  What is the most amazing to me is to see that Dale’s style has flawed with age…

The Hulk and Maestro go at it… like the good old days

Let me explain:  Look back to the hey day of Dale.  His beautiful illustrations were a thing of beauty – and no one could draw actions scenes any bigger or better than he!  This issue shows that Dale is fantastic at grand splash pages of posed heroes – but his action scenes in this book lack any real fluidity to the characters – especially Logan!  many times I looked at the pages wondering if the characters were in pain keeping the poses they were in – because they certainly didn’t look natural or comfortable.  Even normal looking poses look like they are stuck.

What the hell happened to the Hulk’s neck?

With that said – Keown can still draw the hell out of a book and I am glad to see that he contributed to the Hulk part of the story!  The story itself… not so good.  Loeb has a way of sucking the fun out of reading comics.  He doesn’t bother reading up on which version of the character is currently gracing the pages of their own series – he just writes whichever version he wants to write.  Case in point – Hulk is the savage, child-like monster.  Aaron’s terrible writing didn’t even put that Hulk back into the fray!


Another amazing disaster of Loeb’s?  The Hulk defeats the Maestro (who was VERY cool to see) by doing a thunder clap.  Is that the only way Loeb knows how to let the Hulk win any battle?  He beat Red that way – and now the Maestro?  Really?  Ugh – guy needs to retire from comics.  Fast.  The ending is more of the Loeb mystery bullshit.  Is it the Red Hulk saying that the Red Hulk must die?  By the way – nice try – but I have been saying that since his inception!  But this Red Hulk has a mustache?  So it can’t be him – can it?  Or will it be… oh wait – I can’t care less – because it’s the same Loeb mystery garbage he has shoveling at us for years now that makes no sense when finally revealed.  Grade: C+