Really Gentle Giant?!?!? I thought we were over this!

Ewww… WTF?

After the last successful Hulk bust – Gentle Giant is releasing a hideous new bust based on the Avengers movie.  I can honestly say I will not be in line for this one… ever.

11 responses to “Really Gentle Giant?!?!? I thought we were over this!

  1. Hey it’s Eric Estrada Hulk!

  2. LOL! Is it me or does almost look unfinished?

  3. I see nothing wrong with this…didn’t look like gentle to me he is swing fist and his face look rage and forceful that is not gentle at all I think it’s awesome one.

  4. I kinda like it – I mean, I’d tweak most of it, but I kinda like it.

  5. Id buy it for 30 bucks maybe 40.

  6. I don’t know looks fine to me *shrugs*

    • You really see nothing wrong with the face?

      • The thing that bothers me is the obvious break where the elbow should be. I think the brow should be a bit bigger and his cheek bones should be a little more pronounced, but other than that, there’s nothing major to me.

  7. The whole thing looks soft and unfinished like it was made out playdough. Plus the dopey tired expression doesn’t help either.

  8. The whole thing looks like its made out of playdough. It was a very soft unfinished look to it.

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