Hulk Fist Key Chain (2012)

Hulk Fist Key Chain

This thing is HEAVY!  I rather have the Hulk’s face – but when I saw this thing I was psyched – the closed fist really does encapsulate the Hulk’s attitude and personality perfectly!  I should mention that having heavy key chains on your car keys is not good for the ignition – so choose something other than that.  Hey, what can I say?  I like to spread the knowledge – it can’t always be about the Hulk!  There is an outside world out there!

That being said – Hulk #1 comes out Wednesday!

4 responses to “Hulk Fist Key Chain (2012)

  1. Looking forward to Indestructible after reading the preview pages and iI will be getting that key chain.

  2. I’m looking forward to Indestructible too. I got a good vibe that Hulk will finally be written well from what I read so far. I also noticed that there’s NO love for the Hulk for the Holidays. I seen stocking and ornaments for all of the Avengers, but no Hulk stuff.

  3. That post wasn’t showing up yesterday. Indestructible was a pretty good read. The only thing i didn’t like is that Hulk has seem to have gone back to being nonverbal.

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