Hulk Figure – Hong Kong Import (2012)

Hong Kong Hulk

Hope everyone’s Turkey Day was as fattening and fantastic as mine!  I wish I could have had the review for Indestructible Hulk #1 ready – but I had a dark meat eating contest with my brother-in-law (and that’s turkey meat – get your mind out of the gutter) and I just came out of the food coma.  I will be reviewing the issue for tomorrow’s post – but I want to re-read it and get some time and perspective.  Also, I have not scanned any of the covers in just yet.

So, instead of the review I bring you an action figure from Hong Kong whose hands are twice as big as his tiny little head.  His lack of neck is somewhat disturbing… but then put his arm up and this little plastic guy does his best ET impression and TA-DAH!  His neck sprouts up from his shoulders!  Looking close you can see that the people of Hong Kong might be confused about how the anatomy of a human being is put together as his left arm (the picture’s right) is put on backwards.  This 4″ figure is a pretty cool piece to get – there are a few on ebay right now – so if you want them act fast!

Hulk Phone Home!

8 responses to “Hulk Figure – Hong Kong Import (2012)

  1. I’m sorry, but that’s just hideous.

  2. A head up on a new mud storming 4×4 jeep with Hulk and Silver Surfer figs I picked up at your hated Walmart that you might wanna pick up.

  3. where in the world did you find this monstrosity! I must own one!

  4. This figure comes with a badge. Got it at meijer, but my arm is on straight. Lol

  5. Because it’s a pin/post ball joint, you can rotate the arm at the shoulder and “fix” the backwards arm. It’s not the wrong arm… it’s just turned around backwards.

    I have this figure as well… I consider it to be the Ugliest Hulk in my entire collection. And I love it!!! 😀

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