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Best and Worst of 2012 – 3″ Action Figure Edition

With December upon us, and the end of yet another year, it’s always a great time to look back at the past year and pick out our favorites… and our least favorite Hulk items of the year.  First up:  3″ Action Figures!

The Best: Marvel Universe

Best of the Year!

Best of the Year!

What started out as a smaller, more expensive and least impressive substitution to Marvel Legends, this line has grown leaps and bounds since the first wave.  This year they released a new Hulk – the best yet – which is saying a lot since it’s just a stripped down version of the WWH they released in 2011.  Hasbro has certainly made the most of this sculpt too – releasing two green versions (a single carded and a 2-pack with Original Wolverine) and a Red Hulk in a Heroic Ages boxed set.

The Worst: The Avengers

Worst of the Year...

Worst of the Year…

Sure enough, what arguably saved the Hulk movie franchise is the amazing part he had in Joss Whedon’s Avengers.  Everyone was talking about how “incredible” and memorable the Hulk made the end scenes.  But even with all the  hype Hasbro gave us the short end of the stick with the Hulk figure.  Just one figure (in two waves) to pick up – which featured a very “soft” looking Hulk sporting an unflattering tan pants.