Best and Worst of 2012 – Comics!

Is this going to come as a shock to anyone?

Worst: Jason Aaron’s Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk #12

“Logan?  How did you get talked into starring in this disaster?”

We were served with an utter disaster for an entire year – Jason Aaron did not respect Hulk fans, readers, or even his own fans who expected Aaron to re-write Hulk history with an all new take on the relationship between Banner and Hulk.  Instead, we were given a story of a separated (for realsies this time, guys!), demented Banner desperately trying to re-create the events that created the Hulk – only to get what he wants and be infused with Hulk again – only to torture the green brute by creating a serum that could get rid of the Hulk forever.  Did you follow that?  Banner just wants to be back with the Hulk – gets what he wants – and then makes a potion that would just take the Hulk from him again… WTF?  In just 15 issues Aaron was able to contradict himself on the major plot point that his whole series was based around.  Congratulations, you have no idea what you are doing.  Marvel gave Aaron the axe when they decided to copy DC’s very successful relaunch of their entire universe and gave us Mark Waid – hopefully he does not disappoint!  It only took me 2 issues to see that Aaron was a train wreck – and I am waiting to see how well Waid’s series will hold up in the second outing!

Best: The Incredible Hulk: Season 1

Hulk: Season 1

Thankfully, 2012 also gave us a real re-imagining of the Hulk’s origin with Season 1.  A much more gritty, violent and heartbreaking look at a man who has created and unleashed a monster that he cannot control.  This time around we see Rick Jones as a scumbag doper, Betty is following in her Dad’s footsteps and kicking ass and the Gremlin is a shorter version of Shredder.  Throw in a gaggle of medical experimental children and blob monster and you have one of the better reads of the past year!

4 responses to “Best and Worst of 2012 – Comics!

  1. Aaron decided to leave IH due to the fact that he had a chance to write Thor and he took the offer.

    • And also after he received nothing but terrible reviews and declining sales… but hey – go write Thor! You MIGHT be able to do that right…

      • How did his run last for 15 entire issues? Never having read anything else Jason Aaron has written I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he does have some talent but he had no understanding of this series at all of this series. The editors should have pulled the plug much sooner. After the first story arch honestly.

        I have a question about Hulk Season One. Is it considered part of continuity? Or is it a alternate universe?

        It was not perfect but it was still decent.

      • It was an alternate universe – at least that’s how I took it!

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