Have a Hulky Christmas!


New merch and reviews are on the way!  Right after the holiday!  Keep cheery you Hulk fanatics!  If you want to see what I have been busy with – check out my other blog: The Life I Live

8 responses to “Have a Hulky Christmas!

  1. I love this issue. Not only was it hilarious, but it came at a time where some comic relief was desperately needed. Plus we learned why Rick Jones was limping in the hospital, what a great setup!

  2. Got some Hulk stuff this Christmas. My mom got me near-mint original print Future Imperfect and Infinity War! 😀 And I got a Hulk Apron and some Avengers mugs. How about you guys?

  3. Oh, how I loved that issue! Can’t get much better than Gray Hulk and Rhino dressed as Santa duking it out only to stop for the sake of the children.

    It’s a day late, but I still wish you a Merry Christmas, Ratchet!

  4. one of my favourite issues too. seasons greetings all.

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