30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 1

CCF01012013_0000From what I have heard – you want to leave your enemies cowering like this

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6 thoughts on “30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 1

  1. I wonder when they are going to ressurect him since Madman & Leader are back. I don’t see him a Hulk villain anymore since Ross was the one that killed him.

    1. He is and will always be a Hulk villain! Ross had a reason to kill him – and I hope for a more balanced fight in the future – but yeah, he is a Hulk villain for sure!

  2. You know what would be cool?

    Have Abomination come back from the dead, only greatly amped in power so that he can actually challenge the Hulk, yet still be beaten once Hulk really amps starts to up in power.

    Why not have an amped Abomination come back… and he’s possessed by Zom! Talk about a cool and unexpected twist, eh?

    Or since Hulk/Banner are exploring the Marvel Universe in “Indestructible Hulk”, why not have a mission where Hulk/Banner venture into Hades to battle Pluto and his army horde which is led by the Abomination?

    There’s lots of potential to be found. It’s just that writers need to start thinking outside the box more often. Those who do usually give us incredible comic stories worth reading.

    1. Greenscar90,

      Did you get a chance to look at my reply to your last post for ratchet? The idea of the Hulk fighting the Abomination in Hades is interesting. He did appear briefly during the Chaos War crossover in issues 618-619. So did Bruce’s parents. I thought that was also something should have been developed. Seeing them after all these years should have been important to the characters development. They are not even mentioned again after those issues. Personally that was a bigger issue to me than the Hulk vs Zeus fight.

      You said once you thought they tried to push Greg Pak out of the writing. Would you tell me why you think this? It is interesting that we have not seen him write anything for marvel in the last year or so. Thinking about this it is disappointing that neither Herc nor Alpha Flight which was writing lasted past 10 issues but Jason Aaron wrote 16 issues of the Hulk.

      1. Which post was it?

        Indeed, it was interesting that Bruce’s parents, as well as the other characters significant to his and Hulk’s history, appeared in Chaos War. I also thought it could have had more impact, but I’m glad that we’ve got the Brian & Bruce’s conflict. When it comes to Brian Banner, I believe the saying is… once a monster, always a monster.

        I still believe Marvel was rushing/pushing Greg Pak away for multiple reasons (Fear Itself event, Jason Aaron’s terrible run, etc.), but he’s still writing one X-Men related title for Marvel. And I do find it disappointing that titles like Alpha Flight and Herc were canceled after less than a dozen issues, yet Jason Aaron’s complete crapfest of a Hulk run lasted 16 paper-wasting issues. What’s up with that?!

  3. Greenscar90,

    It was the post to Ratchet’s reviews of the recent Hulk related comic books. One of the things I mentioned was that you asked Jeff Parker about Skaar and the Oldpower. About two years ago I wrote a article about the Oldpower and what it was connected to in the Marvel Universe.
    If you have not read that article I am sure you can look it up. It was on the Dailypop website. Which brings up another point. I want to ask Jeff Parker about Skaar’s mom. She was the one who sent him to Earth yet she has not been mentioned in years.

    On a side note Jeff Parker really seems concerned about gun control and school shootings. He deserves credit for trying to address these problems.

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