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30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 2


This panel turns out not to be true… over and over again…

Acquisition Friday!

Another change to the site is that I will be changing the way I show things off – I am going to have a whole lot more fun with it!  I am going to show pictures of the things I have, sure, but I am going to focus more on what made me love the Hulk so much – the comics.  Any acquisitions I acquire (hehe – see what I did there?) will be posted – maybe a couple times a week – maybe not – point is:  When I show off another piece I will be calling it Acquisition _______ (Friday/Tuesday… whatever).  So, here is what I have for you today:  Marvel Select Disney Exclusive Hulk ($22.99)

christmas '13 025

They have released a non-exclusive version with a beard and skull necklace – I picked that up today and will post it soon – but this version has the Hulk very inspired by the art of Silvestri.  I actually love when they base figures on specific artists – even if the art isn’t my favorite.  Silvestri could have been a better artist on the Hulk – but it was what it was – short lived as it was.  The figure truly captures his style and gives a close to perfect representation of the Hulk on that story’s premiere cover.

christmas '13 026 christmas '13 027

The only thing I would offer up as a suggestion would have been to make the head a little bigger.  Overall, the figure is worth the coin needed to acquire it – the paint-up looks top notch and the sculpting (huge honking veins and all) is pretty damn cool.  I would say this figure could easily take the best of the year (it wasn’t released soon enough to be included in the 2012 consideration) it might have even beaten out the MS Avengers Hulk!  What did you guys out there think?  Who bought it?  Who opened it?  You all know I don’t open my figures – but the articulation looks pretty killer so I imagine it’s pretty fantastic!