Bad News Wednesday…

When someone says someone else is giving them “complete radio silence” it usually means they don’t like you anymore… click the image for an update on the new Hulk T.V. Show (hint: it’s not good news)


8 responses to “Bad News Wednesday…

  1. Is not shocking news. 99% of the projects Deltoro attaches himself too never get made. He is NOW attatched to a DC property called Dark Justice which is essentially the Justice League consisting of DC’s “supernatural” character like Swamp Thing and The Spectre.

    • That’s a bummer though… of course I should have known it was going to hell the moment I read Jeph Loeb was attached…

  2. Well isn’t Loeb head of Marvel’s TV dept?

  3. Sad to say I am not surprised 😦

    • I know, me too. I did have high hopes, but knew on some level it was unrealistic to expect this to go off without a hitch.

  4. Disney probably has bigger plans for the hulk now that the avengers hit big. A live action tv show would be over exposure for a character they want to keep in films.

  5. Did you hear about Ruffalo and Whedon?

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