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Catching Up With… Friday!


Something inside me said to read the Thunderbolts.  The new line-up was not that enticing, so it wasn’t that.  I mean, I have never felt a NEED to read the Red Hulk, Elektra was cool back in the day but I never stayed current with her character, Venom was an amazing villain and heard things here and there but never read up on him either.  Deadpool is just an annoying twat of a character, created by one of the biggest douches in comics history, and I never wanted to read him.  In fact, truth be told, the only character I ever had any interest in was the Punisher.  I hadn’t read an issue from any of his series in years though… So it wasn’t like he was the reason I started to pick it up.  I honestly have no clue why I decided to read this new series (Thunderbolts #3 – W: Way, I: Dillion – $2.99), but, man am I glad I did!

Even when I saw the teaser for issue #3 featuring a “Red Leader” (I can’t be the only one who is sick of Marvel beating this whole “crimson gamma powered creatures” thing to death) I wasn’t overly excited.  It would be interesting to see what they have in store for the Leader since he last tried to take over the world.  Amazingly, and I can only assume it’s because Loeb isn’t writing it, they kept within continuity.  Samuel Sterns was left, drained of his intellect, which was his only superpower to begin with.  Red is looking to revive him, though, not completely.  He needs information – but he isn’t looking too have an evil genius running around.  He just needs information about his brother.

Elektra might be wondering how Madman got bigger boobs than her...

Elektra might be wondering how Madman got bigger boobs than her…

You heard right!  It has been over 20 years that I can recall reading about Madman – it was 1993 if I recall right – and I don’t think we’ve heard from him since, although I will admit I may not be completely correct on that one, and that was 21 years ago!  I always thought PD should have used Madman more – he is one of the most underused, best Hulk villains of all time!  Thank you, Way for focusing on him rather than the gimmicky Red Leader direction!  Pak should have brought this guy back in heart of the monster – never mind with Bi-Beast!  That’s coming from a guy who LOVES Bi-Beast!  Anyways, the last shot of this issue is pretty hilarious and I would say it’s time to start picking up this series!  Grade: B+

30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 10


Which, in your opinion, is scarier?  The Abomination or Hulk with a bowl cut?