DAMN YOU Spawn! Tuesday!


I can tell you that the last time I bought a Spawn book was 2003 – and I wasn’t even reading the comic anymore – just buying it out of habit.  I sold my lot of Spawn books for a nifty amount of money which I purchased something Hulk with.  But I just had to pick up this book – an homage to McFarlane’s amazing Incredible Hulk #340.  If only he waited until 340 of Spawn… if it makes it that far.  I can tell you I tried to read the issue – but I have no idea what the hell is happening and where the hell was the Spawn?  Is Al no longer the Spawn?  Why? Do I really care?  Sadly… no.


3 responses to “DAMN YOU Spawn! Tuesday!

  1. You were smart to sell off. I still have all my issues. Some day I will find them and sell the stack.

  2. So spawn is getting that bad? wow I have about 50 comics and liked him, but most of comics I have or done by Todd I guess thats when they were good. I do like this cover anyway.

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