Catching Up With Thursday!


Granted, we are coming off of one – scratch that, including Loeb’s rubbish – TWO  of the worst Hulk runs in history, Waid’s Indestructible Hulk is off to a welcome start!  Last issue’s beat down of Iron Man was a long overdue sight!  Now, of course, in the latest issue ( Indestructible Hulk #3 – 2013, W: Waid I: Yu, $3.99) the Hulk is asked to keep his deal with SHEILD by taking out the Quintronic Man.

I can’t be the only one out there who sees the major flaw of the Quintronic Man is that you need 5 operators – take one of them out and BOOM – it is beaten!  Yet, for some reason AIM has decided to dust this relic off. But, let’s give Waid’s some credit for bringing back a Hulk villain from the 80’s… a villain that I didn’t even know I missed!  Waid is absolutely off to a great start… Let’s keep this train a Rollin’!  Grade: A-


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6 thoughts on “Catching Up With Thursday!

  1. I am just wondering when we will see this armor that they keep showing off in adds and covers…I wanna know why hulk of all characters would need armor. By the way have you been reading Avengers Assemble? The last 3 issues were very Hulk focused and really good. Sadly the next storyline doesn’t look like it will involve Hulk though.

  2. That is quite a cover. When I first saw this one, I legitimately thought it was the Grey Hulk. But then I remembered that would make no sense. Still, it would be rather interesting to see how Fixit would react to the whole Banner/Hulk = friends dynamic. I bet he’d hate it, he can’t stand that shrimp!

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