Digital Thursday!

Read this article (click on the image above) about the digital movement and why this guy thinks that comics HAVE to go digital.  I disagree – but that’s just me.  I know the day comics all go digital is the day I stop reading.  I like my space consuming paper comics.  I will have to write a bigger article on this when I have more time.  Where do you guys stand on this?


2 responses to “Digital Thursday!

  1. I think that it is inevitable that a growing percentage of readers will want digital in the future and that there might be a shift in that direction for some. But, I also believe that a larger percentage will prefer traditional printed comics. The writer admits that music and comics are different and for this reason the printed comic will remain. Personally, I am totally old-school when it comes to comics. Make my Marvel printed! I want to turn the pages and feel the paper with my hands.

  2. Sadly I don’t think comic books would even survive the switch to digital….most people who read comic books are older and will be against the change and kill what little readership comics have. While movies and music on the other hand every body loves of all ages and will have to get there fix no matter what format.

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