30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 18


I seriously can’t believe I have gotten through 18 days of this!  Not to mention next month I have something even better planned!  Anyways, Abomination, never one to be counted out, came back with a vengeance to Loeb’s replacement Bommy by ripping his freakin’ armor off – one of the best moments of Pak’s second run of the Hulk!


6 responses to “30 Days with Classic Abomination – Day 18

  1. Is Abomination still alive or did he go back to being dead after that storyline?

  2. A fantastic showing for Emil, even better was when he flattened Red She Hulk 🙂

  3. For a guy who was incinerated by MODOK and his ‘essence’ scattered into space, only to be revived and possessed by Tyrannus, I have a feeling he won’t stay dead for long. Would like to see a rematch between him and Red Hulk. What the hey, bring back Brian Banner too.

    • No offense, but I hope they leave Brian Banner dead!

      • I always thought the.leader would bring him back ever since he had him disinterred to get some dna to cure bruce of ALS. Besides, he’s got to know Brian scares the snot out of Bruce. He could put him in Half-life’s or the Remember armor. He’s got a history of bringing people back from the dead. Plus, Brian did get some exposure to gamma and exposed himself to some experiments, right? He does have some potential, unless Loeb gets a hold of him.

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