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Acquisition Monday!

christmas '13 039

Still showing off pieces that I got for Christmas from my very loving wife and child! Even thought he figures were at the $10 price point, Target released this: the Target Exclusive Avengers 8-Pack (2012, $49.99).  Everyone is there – Cap, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Fury!  Oh yeah… Loki is there too.  How he snuck in I will never know.  This is a great alternative for all those people who could not spend the clams to get the entire line up of Avengers but still wanted to. For anyone lucky enough to catch this during the season the whole set was on sale for $30.

christmas '13 039 - Copy

The best part, for me anyways, and why I decided to add it to the collection, is that the re-painted the Hulk figure to have the purple pants he should have had in the first place!  It looks so much better than the brown/tan.  I am always a fan when they re-paint or make slight changes to a figure for a re-release.

These two totally did it...

These two totally did it…

30 Days of Classic Abomination – Day 20


Just added a ton to Comics 4 page – but no – I have not updates the Hulk title page yet… but I will!  Man, that Bommy is all about me, me, me, huh?