Video #8 is up!

Check out the latest video – click on the pic above!


6 responses to “Video #8 is up!

  1. Rave Hulk was just to funny and I see your rocking that cool Hulk shirt (I don’t have that one). So far I got 32 Hulk shirts, 1 jacket, 9 hats and about 7 beach towels. One day when my green room it almost complete I’ll mail ya pics, as usual great vid.

  2. Sweet video Ryan. You’re right, I NEED that Hulk head. Where do I find one? Thanks for the shout out.

    • It was at Target as well! Glad you liked the video – they are pretty fun to do

    • I got mine at Wal-Mart and they also have a Hulk claw grab thing. They also have a Avengers stuff doll Hulk (with tan pants) holding a mini fleece.

      • I have a new stuffed Hulk – but not like the one you describe… as much as I hate it – I may have to head to WalMart

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