Acquisition Wednesday!

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I really hope one day to throw a dinner party where I invite all the Hulk collectors I know and we can use all these glasses I have been collecting all these years!  Toon Tumblers showed Marvel that glasses can be collectibles too – so they have started to release sets in the past few years.  This Marvel 4-Glasses Set ($19.99, 2012) has smaller, or at least thinner glasses, and they feature Cap, Spidey, Hulk and Wolvie.  They are really nice – but nothing seems to stand up to the quality that the Toon Tumblers do.  I must say though… I do love the classic image they used this time – how many years was that in the corner of every Hulk issue we bought?  Although – I am pretty sure they put a different head on the body!  Just don’t wash these glasses in the dish washer – HAND WASH ONLY!

Comparison Shot - Marvel glass vs Toon Tumbler

Comparison Shot – Marvel glass vs Toon Tumbler


6 responses to “Acquisition Wednesday!

  1. Nice! I have a couple glasses but as a rule have tried to avoid diving into this market with both feet but it is very hard. That corner box image is my favorite Hulk marketing image from my youth. You are correct, there were some modifications done on that piece and I hope to have a post on the topic soon as I found some good info. Did you pick this up online or did you find it in a store? I’d love to get just the Hulk glass for myself and I am sure my son would love the others.

  2. But why the blue pants?!?! I just noticed that.

  3. want! oh, ratch…i did see a very similar variation of that hulk image (from the new glass) on a old comic panel. (you’d asked about this a while ago and I didn’t have an answer) i don’t know the issue # because it was on a google image search, but it looks like that classic pose may have been based on a hulk panel. i’ll see if I can find it again. bix

  4. The toon tumbler is the same image for the old 7-11 70’s Hulk cup. There are at least 5 cups with different images of the Hulk that I know of. I just got 3 of them.

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