Guess That Panel Thursday!

CCF01202013_0000 - Copy

So far I have not been able to stump all of you guys – but that has not deterred me one bit!  Let’s keep this party going!  Remember – what series and issue?  And go!


8 responses to “Guess That Panel Thursday!

  1. Was it Avengers Annual 17 (Evolutionary War Part 11)?

  2. I agree with Jeff 🙂 ps why does the hulks have a super boy-scout hair cut!!!!!!

    • Agreeing with Jeff has made you wrong also… sorry!

      The haircut is bad – but not as bad as that Superman curl he’s got going on in the front

  3. I would say the mighty Thor#488 just before Hulk battles Thor in Hel in issue #489.

  4. And I’ve just learned there are two comics out there with Hulk appearances that I apparently do not have.

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