Ebay Sunday!

I have so many questions… like – why CGC a 50 cent book?  A book in terrible condition that has absolutely no significant value to it?  Why?  There is nothing special about this issue!  Yet – here it is… slabbed at a 2.0 and the person is asking someone to pay $30 for it.  $30!  I can and have gotten 9.8 graded books for $30!  Holy hell… click the pic above to be brought to the auction


7 responses to “Ebay Sunday!

  1. I know that seller, i bought a few items of him in the UK about 15 years ago, all the comics he sent me were either pence variants (not as desirable as cent copies) and or with those horrible cover stamps. Needless to say i never bought a comic from that guy ever again. As as for $30 for a 277 graded at a 2, rip off, maybe he’s a Ferengi….rules of Acquistion 1 applies here 🙂

  2. What’s the cost of slabbing a comic these days? I thought that process alone cost more than $30.

  3. I miss the U foes:( A very underused villian team.

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