Acquisition Monday!

variant 005

variant 014

Granted, there are things that I should probably posting before this – but I cannot keep this amazing statue under wraps!  For years Bowen Designs has been the top producer of comic memorabilia and one of the reasons, I think, is because Bowen produces pieces that look like they have jumped right off the comic page.

The feathers are the only thing making PH a taller statue - but comparing the Hulks - the new one takes the top prize!
The feathers are the only thing making PH a taller statue – but comparing the Hulks – the new one takes the top prize!

variant 013

The first Hulk, done by the Shiflett’s, is great is in own right, an amazing representation of a classic looking Hulk, but the new one is better!  The second Hulk, the Smackdown Hulk as it is affectionately called, is pretty much the top of the heap, for me, it’s the Hulk that I grew up with with all the rage displayed in a perfect “Hulk smash!” pose, but the new one is better!  When Bowen released the army of Hulks I was skeptical about picking up them all – but finally did because of how well they came out!  Every Hulk was unique and excellent in quality – the standouts being Maestro, Planet Hulk and my personal favorite, the Grey Hulk.  But the new one is better!

variant 015

Hulk, you know... Hulk
Hulk, you know… Hulk

variant 020

Don't sass your elders, boy!
Don’t sass your elders, boy!

How can this new one be so great?  It’s easy… All those other Hulks, as amazing as each of them are, when displayed with other statues it never had the presence that this Hulk does.  He’s truly massive monster!  The Incredible Hulk Variant Statue (Bowen Designs, 2013, $280) is truly Bowen at his best.  Granted – the body is a digital sculpt – but Bowen made use of the unused “screaming” head he had for the Retro Hulk pieces and put it with this fantastic classic looking Hulk body.  The result is a statue so large (by Bowen standards) that we now finally have a Hulk that is worth displaying with the other characters and he dwarfs them all!  Well, except the obvious one… Wendigo.  But Hulk is not supposed to be taller than that monster!

variant 010

Will you do something with those nails?!?  Your cuticles are atrocious!
Will you do something with those nails?!? Your cuticles are atrocious!

And this is why Bowen is truly the best statue producer out there – all these details do not go unnoticed!  Sure, there may have been some blunders along the way – but when it comes to the Hulk and Hulk related characters – I cannot think of one, ONE, mind you, character that has been a disappointment.  I have even forgiven him for jumping on the bandwagon and creating a Red Hulk statue.  That says a lot!  Grade for this bad boy: A+ Worth the pick up!

variant 026

variant 030

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6 thoughts on “Acquisition Monday!

    1. Thanks Dave, I seriously could not be any happier with this statue. It is the most I have been excited for a Bowen piece in a long time. As much as I liked the Fixit statue, the anticipation was nothing compared to this one.

    1. The PF is pretty nice – but very specific to original conception Hulk. While it is a great piece it does have some flaws. I have to say that this one tops the PF in the classic look of the character. If someone were to ask – I would suggest this piece over the PF any day.

  1. I just ordered me this hulk statue for $250.00 and cant wait to get it, Iam going to lose sleep now untill I get it lol can not wait, this statue looks like its going to kick some butt.

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