Hulk News Monday!

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If the rumors are true… And I hope to heck they are – Marvel is planning for a “phase 3” Planet Hulk movie to follow Avengers 2!  Click on the image for the link!


5 responses to “Hulk News Monday!

  1. This COULD be the explanation behind that vague tweet Ruffalo posted, something along the lines of “Just got a text from Whedon, he’s got good things planned for big green.”

  2. Awesome news! Avengers 3 as ‘World War Hulk’! BRING IT ON!

  3. Godzillaaaaaah!

    This is literally the most awesome news I have heard since Legendary announced the director for Godzilla 2014. Can you imagine how unbelievably amazing a Planet Hulk movie would be? No, of course you can’t, your brain would explode!

  4. Latino Review is no joke they get solid rumors. I want a Ruffalo Hulk movie!

  5. Planet Hulk? I’d love to see it come to reality. If we can make films like Avatar and the LOTR Trilogy, we can definitely have a faithful adaptation of one of the greatest comic book series of all time.

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