Mini-Haul Monday!

red Zapp 001

Just got back from NJ with the wife visiting family… and of course I had to hit up  Zapp Comics in Wayne – because, not only does one of my best friends work there, but it is probably one of the greatest comic shops on the planet!  A couple shots of my mini-haul – some of which you will see in the upcoming weeks!

red Zapp 009

6 responses to “Mini-Haul Monday!

  1. cool! Red She-Hulk Legends figure is out, but did they really put Hulkettes on the front? Is the Hulk minimates a new one or a re-release of an older one?

  2. Nice, definitely need to pick up the new minimates Hulk

  3. You gonna hunt down the She Hulk variant Lyra?

  4. How many minimate hulks have they made? Im sure im missin some, lol. Bought the new best of series two hulk and loki. You can take bruces head, arms, shoes and jacket, and put em on loki so you can display bruce next to hulk. Parts are meant to be put on hulk, but perfect fit on lokis body as well. Looks great:)

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