Not Sick Anymore, Acquisition Thursday!

variant 009

There is someone out there, right now, looking at this blog, who was thinking to him or herself that they wish for the days that Bowen busts were all the rage.  Personally, I like them – but I never got caught up in the “completest” movement.  Well, actually, that’s not true.  I just never felt like I wanted to collect comic paraphernalia when there were so many comics out there that I wanted to read!  I will say this though… Bowen, even after all these years, is still the best.

variant 009 - Copy

He proves it again with the Maestro Bust (2012, $79.99) which I was originally not going to bother getting – mainly because having the Full statue was enough for me!  Then I saw pics.  Thanks to the many people who take fantastic photos on Statue Forum and Statue Marvels I could not deny how amazing the Maestro bust looked.  He needed to be displayed with the other Hulk villain busts!

variant 024

I guess my only complaint is the fact that the base on this is rather dull.  I mean, one of the reasons the FS is so epic is because the “fallen heroes” base.  Even putting a few pieces on the base of the bust would have catapulted this bust into the “must have” category for every collector.  Alas, we are left with this:

variant 009 - Copy (2)

Not too pretty… but it’s a base.  I do think Bowen missed the boat to make this bust a must have – just like the Wendigo bust.  The Wendigo himself is decent – but the fact he’s resting on a pile of human skulls makes that bust one of my favorites!  That is not to say that the sculpt, size and over all presence of this bust is not still imposing!  It’s a monster all on its own!  I still say it’s a must buy!

variant 022

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