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28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 8


My friend Steve (who runs this site and is also the founder of this site) loves this image more than any other Hulk fanatic I know.  He mentions it every time the notion of a Merged Hulk statue is brought up.  I agree though – if they make one –  it needs to have the pink Bunny Slippers!

Acquisition Friday!

variant 041

I showed these things in my last video – but had not posted them on the site.  Since these are relatively small, inexpensive purchases I will lump them all together here and just title them the $5 Hulk Toys.  I saw these at Target, although from what I am told they are also at Wal*Mart.  Like I mentioned, these are just $5 and there is also a little grabber hand that I finally did see – but chose not to pick up as it did not have anything uniquely Hulk about it other than the green color.

variant 042

Here is the Light Up Hulk Wand (2012, $5) that has a sweet translucent Hulk head at the top.  Push the button and all of a sudden the head lights up!

variant 043 - Copy

The Hulk Mini-Bank (2012, $5) is a great sculpt with a perfectly combed to the side hairstyle.  It looks somewhat like Hulk has decided to go to the prom after all!  He’s most likely ripped out of his tuxedo though… he’s going to have to pay for that one I bet…

variant 043

And lastly, the Hulk Widget ($5, 2012)!  I am not totally sure what it does but I can guess that it is a wind up toy which, from the looks of it, smashes his hands down as he rolls!  He winds up with a separate key located in the package – that sort of looks like Thor’s Hammer – just like the wind up toys of yesteryear that worked very similar to this one.  If you have the chance – pick some of these hilarious Hulk stuff today!