Acquisition Tuesday!

christmas '13 029

christmas '13 029 - Copy

Playskool has certainly been making use of the little Hulk they sculpted for the Playskool Heroes line!  I am posting quite a few new Hulk items they have released in the past year.  While there are more made for children I have no problem picking up new Hulk action figures.  The first (above), is the Hulk w/ Smash Mobile (Version A, 2012, $12.99) which comes with a regular Hulk and a vehicle.

christmas '13 028

christmas '13 028 - Copy

Always one to keep variants coming, Marvel and Playskool also released an alternate companion Hulk w/ Smash Mobile (Version B, 2012, $12.99) where the Hulk is wearing a life vest even though the vehicle does not look made to go into the water – nor does it look like a DeLorean and I don’t see Doc Brown anywhere in sight – so I am not totally sure what that is all about.

christmas '13 030

The last figure has the decency to still wear a shirt – but doesn’t see the need for unnecessary safety equipment.  The Hulk w/ Mud Slinging 4X4 (2012, $21.59) also comes with the Silver Surfer.  Each little figure with vehicle is perfect for any aged Hulk lover – but best for the littler ones.  And grown men who can’t get enough of the green goliath!

christmas '13 030 - Copy

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One thought on “Acquisition Tuesday!

  1. Rachet you are my Hulk Hero – you really do collect everything Hulk. As I work abroad I stopped collecting years ago and have sold all my stuff except the comics, but I still get my collecting fix through your blog. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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