Hulk News Tuesday!


It took them a few days – but we are finally living in the modern age again… I had a very cold, very trying weekend – but I am really good at making healthy fireplace fires, so I was able to keep my family (that’s me, my wife, my daughter, my sister, my mother and my father) all warm for a few days.  My entire ration of firewood is completely obliterated – but that’s alright.  At least my family is safe and warm!


What a weekend to lose power though – Kotobukiya has announced a 1/6th Avengers Hulk that looks completely bad-ass!  Holy hell – this will be on my list of absolute must haves!  Sculpted by the very talented Erick Sosa this is one of the most incredible sculpts I have seen come down the pipe from Koto!  A must have!



3 responses to “Hulk News Tuesday!

  1. One hell of a sculpt !!!

  2. I’m getting this! By the way the following is coming out this year-

    Avengers Assemble (new animated version): Hulk fig 3.75in, Hulk 1in Gamma Smash Fig, Hulk Gamma Slam Hulk and Rulk, Hulk Titan Hero 12in Hulk.

    Play Hut: Hulk Launcher, Action cycle and Monster truck.

  3. Whoa!! Awesome

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