Knowing the Right People Saturday!

Target Promo Hulk

Target Promo Hulk

Sometimes it’s best to know the right people at the right time! Department and Chain stores have been instructed by the toy companies and their direct supervisors NOT to give the promotional material out to anyone.  It is to be thrown away ONLY!  This is, of course, because too many people were taking these things and immediately posting them on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money – or they would give it to a friend who would do the same.  Collectors hardly had a chance at them at

christmas '13 033 christmas '13 031  

But, yours truly has a few trusted friends who know about my obsession and are always happy to help me out when they can!  I was able to obtain the Target Hulk from a great guy who had to pull a few tricks to get it to me!  I will not give anymore information out other than to thank said friend again.  And the Toys R Us Hulk was given to me by a different friend with a strict promise to never sell it.  Funny enough – I noticed that each of the promo pieces, even though they are different, have the same face!

Toys R Us Hulk

Toys R Us Hulk

4 responses to “Knowing the Right People Saturday!

  1. Aaaarrrggh! I’m so jealous, Ry! I tried everything in my power to get that Target hanging Hulk display to no avail. Everything! I even looked in their dumpster the day they took it down.
    Every time (except for this one) that a manager has fed me their memorized line about how they are “required, by law, to destroy” these, I end up seeing them on eBay a couple months later. Kudos to you, my friend–you deserve them! 🙂

  2. Gggggrrrrrr!! (Aaaarrrggh! already used by Fiddy). I also have been desperately trying to get these! I have even had my wife ask … and then my kids! The answer was the same every time. Congrats!


  3. Definitely turning green with envy, but congrats on your good fortune!

  4. I know just how lucky I am to get these – and the only reason I do is because I have some inside people. I have been given that line too many times by Managers where I don’t know anyone – so frustrating.

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