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28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 20


If there was an artist who deserves more credit for the amazing run he had on a series I think it would be Gary Frank.  As much as people talk about seminal Hulk artists, he usually gets left off of lists for more talked about artists like Trimpe and Keown.  While those artists certainly shouldn’t be taken off any lists for Frank – maybe they should make the lists a little longer to include him!


Acquisition Tuesday!

red Zapp 005

I am a bit muddled these days… I ordered a small batch of comics that says it was delivered to my house… yet it was not. Trying to track this down is a little more curiously difficult than it should be!  Anyways, I am also working on a few posts looking back on classic stories as well as reviews for the latest issues – but since none of those are done just yet – I will post “The Best of” Mini-Mates, Hulk and Loki 2-pack (2013, $9.99).  This is a brand new Hulk Mini-Mate – not that we needed a new one – but it is probably one of the best ones to come out!  You can also take the Banner head and turn it into a Bruce Banner Mini-Mate.  Make sure, as you transform the little figure that you say lots of things like “You won’t like me when I am angry!” and “Get away!” or “Aaaaauuuurrrggh!”  It makes it WAY more exciting!

red Zapp 007