28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 20


If there was an artist who deserves more credit for the amazing run he had on a series I think it would be Gary Frank.  As much as people talk about seminal Hulk artists, he usually gets left off of lists for more talked about artists like Trimpe and Keown.  While those artists certainly shouldn’t be taken off any lists for Frank – maybe they should make the lists a little longer to include him!


6 responses to “28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 20

  1. Gary Frank’s a great artist. However, when I was younger, I often used to confuse his art with Keown’s.

    • That may be the issue some people had as well – he is certainly on par with Keown!

      • Me too. I initially though Keown changed his style slightly. But that was when I was an amateur fanboy. I remember how mcfarlane changed his style on the Hulk too.

      • I had the exact same problem,

        On an unrelated note, the only issue I ever had with GF’s art (and its a very minor issue) is the faces of all the characters look the same(ish) (other then the colour obviously 🙂 )

  2. Gary Frank is still one of my favorite Hulk artists. It could be that I started reading the Hulk right as his run started though :). I miss the Peter David run!

  3. Didnt like Frank at first because he followed on from Keown – a tough act to follow, and while his characters were great his backgrounds were lacking. But I came to love the run eventually, and youre right Rachet he is defo one of the best Hulk artists.

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