Acquisition Tuesday!

red Zapp 005

I am a bit muddled these days… I ordered a small batch of comics that says it was delivered to my house… yet it was not. Trying to track this down is a little more curiously difficult than it should be!  Anyways, I am also working on a few posts looking back on classic stories as well as reviews for the latest issues – but since none of those are done just yet – I will post “The Best of” Mini-Mates, Hulk and Loki 2-pack (2013, $9.99).  This is a brand new Hulk Mini-Mate – not that we needed a new one – but it is probably one of the best ones to come out!  You can also take the Banner head and turn it into a Bruce Banner Mini-Mate.  Make sure, as you transform the little figure that you say lots of things like “You won’t like me when I am angry!” and “Get away!” or “Aaaaauuuurrrggh!”  It makes it WAY more exciting!

red Zapp 007


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