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28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 22


When I begin these months I always think: “I hope I find all the images on time” and “This is going to take forever” and then the month comes to a close and I say “Awww man, where did all the days go?”

Cleaning Up Thursday!

variant 014

Little by little I am also catching up on each of the pages on this site too – just finished updating the STATUES page to include all latest purchases.

Acquisition Thursday!

hulks2 002

Here it is – Thursday!  Actually, I write this post on Wednesday night – fresh from my return from my LCS.  Picked up the new issues of Hulk and Savage Wolverine – which I will work on getting reviews up tomorrow.  For now, something I have had for a bit, something that appeared in my last video – the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Constrictor Lead Figure (2012, $14.99).  Who would have thought that this villain of the week, sort of throw away character would have such a lasting impact on the MU.  I mean, some characters have come and gone without another appearance (Aquon anyone?) and then others seem to have a lasting life beyond what they should have – Constrictor is one of those characters to me!  But this figure came out great!

hulks2 003