Acquisition Monday!

christmas '13 022

There are times I have passed on Hulk items – and I know for all of you Hulk fanatics out there it’s hard to imagine doing so – but sometimes you just can’t see yourself spending the money on something – even if it IS the Hulk.  For example, back in 2003 when Hulk items were abound there was a phone on the market.  I have seen it in quite a few collections – but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend money on it.

christmas '13 023

That being said, these Gutsy Gear Patches (2012, $5.99) were pretty hilarious and just too good to leave behind.  The great things about these patches is that you don’t need to sew them on – they work sort of like velcro – without two sides.  It sticks to many different surfaces and comes off just as easy! Pretty fun pieces!

christmas '13 024


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