Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

Cleaning Up Tuesday!

Okay… took a while – a real LONG while – but I have updated the Comics Pages – specifically Pages 1, 2 and 4.  They don’t all have links yet – and it’s a constant process of adding new issues when I find them and as they come out – but it’s pretty complete (as far as I know) that the ‘net has to offer.  I am trying to give everyone the most complete list I can of Hulk issues out there – and wow are there a ton! But, like I said, it’s been updated.

Guess That Panel Tuesday!


This seems to be a popular game here – and there has not been one panel that someone hasn’t been able to guess. I am shocked and awed by the knowledge some of you guys possess.  You guys are comic Gods!  But good luck to all on this one… remember, Series and Issue # – GO!

Hulk Room Tuesday!

CCF02252013_0000 - Copy

Granted these are not shots of MY Hulk room – but instead shots sent to me by constant site visitor and friend, Hulk 465.  The man has quite the collection – have you ever played the “Got it, got it, need it, got it” game?  Yeah, I did with these surprise pictures sent to me over the weekend.

CCF02252013_0000 - Copy (2)

465 was an officer in NY and just recently relocated to sunnier pastures in Florida.  He has spent a ton of time setting up his very own Hulk room in his house.  I love the different themed shelves!


The Defenders shelf and Grey Hulk shelf being my favorite.  I could do without the Red Hulk shelf (J/K bro!)  I know I have some Red Hulk pieces too 🙂  Great shots – love all the vintage stuff and the dedication to Hulk!  This is absolutely a room to make other Hulk fans “green” with envy!  Thanks for showing it off, 465!

CCF02252013_0001 - Copy

465 also sent me shots of a mini-comic, Hulk vs Superman, which I will have to scan and post later this week.


28 Days with Hulk and Guns – Day 27


I am actually looking forward to March – for more reasons than just starting the new “30 Days” theme – I am just tired of the cold weather!  But, to me, February just drags on too long… ironic, I know.  As for the pic, can it still be considered suicide when someone not only hands you a gun but talks you into it?