Guess That Panel Tuesday!


This seems to be a popular game here – and there has not been one panel that someone hasn’t been able to guess. I am shocked and awed by the knowledge some of you guys possess.  You guys are comic Gods!  But good luck to all on this one… remember, Series and Issue # – GO!

9 responses to “Guess That Panel Tuesday!

  1. The infinity crusade #5

  2. Mike Mignola art?

  3. It does look a bit like Mignola – but it is not.

    @Joel – you are close – but no.

  4. I thought it was Infinity Crusade too, when the Hulk crash lands on Wonderman(?).

  5. I think I have successfully stumped everyone for at least 24 hours! I feel a sense of pride here!

    If no one gets it by tomorrow I will post the answer. Like I said you guys are real close – but you’re not there yet…

  6. warlock and the infinity watch #21, drawn by Tom Grindberg

  7. How about Infinity War #5?

  8. Damnit Tristan! Just when I thought I stumped everyone! I was about to do a victory dance and everything! I was ready and willing to do that stupid dance in my next video and you had to come along and ruin it!

    Just kidding bro – nice catch! You got it.

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