Hulk Room Tuesday!

CCF02252013_0000 - Copy

Granted these are not shots of MY Hulk room – but instead shots sent to me by constant site visitor and friend, Hulk 465.  The man has quite the collection – have you ever played the “Got it, got it, need it, got it” game?  Yeah, I did with these surprise pictures sent to me over the weekend.

CCF02252013_0000 - Copy (2)

465 was an officer in NY and just recently relocated to sunnier pastures in Florida.  He has spent a ton of time setting up his very own Hulk room in his house.  I love the different themed shelves!


The Defenders shelf and Grey Hulk shelf being my favorite.  I could do without the Red Hulk shelf (J/K bro!)  I know I have some Red Hulk pieces too 🙂  Great shots – love all the vintage stuff and the dedication to Hulk!  This is absolutely a room to make other Hulk fans “green” with envy!  Thanks for showing it off, 465!

CCF02252013_0001 - Copy

465 also sent me shots of a mini-comic, Hulk vs Superman, which I will have to scan and post later this week.


4 responses to “Hulk Room Tuesday!

  1. 465 is a great guy! I think this is the first time I’m seeing his collection! It’s very impressive! I even spotted the “” statue in there! He’s one of the good ones. Proud to be a fellow “GammaBro”! 🙂

  2. YES! Been waiting to see 465’s collection for a while! Good stuff!

  3. such an amazing collection. i’ve been staring at these pics for about an hour!

  4. Ratchet, I wasn’t sure if you were going to post the pics on your site but I’m grateful that you did. THANKS for all the kind words from Ratch, 5150, JadeGiant and Bixbyreed.

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